A.r.n Silicones Ltd. specializes in cleaning, coating and renovation of baking trays forthe bakery and food industry, using advanced technology and under strict international and ISO standards. The company provides a range of services that focus on coatings and renovation baking trys and tins using silicone, Teflon – to extend the product’s life and reducing costs for manufacturers in the food sector.


A.r.n Silicones Ltd. was founded in 1994 and has evolved over the years along with the development of technology. The company has earned a reputation as a professional company that always maintains high quality, stringent international standards and meticulous service.

 Coating and renovation for you

A.r.n Silicones Ltd. provides its customers with quality, various coatings, knowledge and services.

The raw material is the most advanced on the market and manufactured by leading companies in Europe. 

The coatings are made under the approval of Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

The company offers a range of solutions and innovations based on the customers’ needs. Our extensive knowledge acquired over the years, allows us to provide customers with professional services and efficient on the time scheduled. 

Our customers

Bakery industry, Kitchen industry, Frozen industry and the general industry.